Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grungy boy LO

I am sooooo sorry about the stodgy photos... I promise I am working on it.... but I am between houses and must have packed my camera (hopefully) and will get it when I unpack.
In the meantime, I think if you squint, tilt your head to the left slightly and stick out your tongue just a little.... the photos look alot clearer.... and bigger somehow {!!!!}

Here is a piccy of a LO I have used with the great packs available in the shop, lots of yummy scrummy little pieces all over and a photo of my little man looking all cute and innocent....

Is a closeup easier??? Here is featured a vintage bingo card {LOVE THEM!!!} in the paper packs, a playing card and a vintage monopoly ticket ..... and a vintage "garment alteration" tag I have used for journalling the date on .... so very sweet.

I am trying to get better piccies ... sorry... but you get the idea!!

Jump over to the OF shop and have a looksie for some vintage yumminess and have a go at a grungy boy page too!!

Oh.... and the twine is now cheaper.... cant have enough twine eh??

until next time.....

Mel xxx

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